Ultimamente ascolto #16

Rieccomi a scrivere cosa ascolto ultimamente... devo dire che ho scoperto molte canzoni nuove in questo periodo.

1. Ashes remain - Change my life
I'm still awake tonight, broken up inside, I wanna run, but I don’t know where to go.
2. Ashes remain - On my own
I don't wanna fight alone anymore, bring me out, from the prison of my own pride.
3. Ashes remain - End of me
I ran away from the pain, always breaking down inside, incomplete, but now I see, this won’t be the end of me.
4. Breaking Benjamin - I will not bow
I don't want to change the world, I just want to leave it colder.
5. J-ax - Dentro me
La bestia si nasconde dentro me, dentro tutti, le uniche certezze sono i dubbi.
6. Our last night - Sunrise
And the sound of the cries when a family's loved one dies, it echoes through a vacant room where a young soul still resides.
7. Skillet - Comatose
I hate feeling like this, I'm so tired of trying to fight this, I'm asleep and all I dream of is waking to you.
8. Skillet - Looking for angels
And open my eyes to a new day, with all new problems and all new pain.
9. Black veil brides - In the end
I have given my heart for a moment of glory.
10. Black veil brides - Goodbye agony
And I wonder how to move on, from all I had inside.

Buona musica a tutti.